REALITES at a glance

Company profile

REALITES is a platform for innovative real estate services projects underpinned by an integrated, operational model whose aim is to:

  • create real estate projects which fulfil the new challenges facing metropolises and towns
  • modernise traditional real estate development and exploitation industries


Thanks to its positioning, it has established a presence throughout the entire value chain from planning to development, exploitation / management and leaseback.



A synergistic economic model offering unlimited potential

This value-adding model is based on two main elements:


  • A project management business area (development) which operates in several sectors: residential, managed housing, shops, offices, business premises and sporting equipment, and contains a Department for major urban projects which supports medium-sized towns and metropolises in developing a new regional service to enhance value, attractiveness and economic development;
  • A facilities management business area (services) which groups together several operational solutions under three main categories: hospitality (Cap’Etudes student housing, Midi & Demi corporate catering); health (Heurus sheltered accommodation, MedCorner City health centres, Vista Santé health and fitness centres); entertainment (Up2Play indoor sports and leisure complexes)


The REALITES economic model, enhanced with top-quality engineering, technical, financial, legal and marketing services, is synergistic and offers unlimited growth potential:

  • In its practices;
  • In other project categories;
  • In new areas;
  • In the development of major projects thanks to synergies between practices and projects.



Integrated proptech and powerful CSR commitments

The Group is currently operating the building industry of the future with REALITES Build Tech, its technology and innovation area. This proptech, which focuses on four areas – R&D, Engineering, Industry and Environment – is developing an industrialised building with a reduced carbon footprint and controlled costs for the end customer. Based in Rennes (35), REALITES has an active, integrated off-site production unit covering an area of 11,000 m², with a target production capacity of 100,000 m² timber frames per year.


REALITES has strong CSR commitments and plans to publish its first Non-financial data report in the first half of 2022.


With the strategic plan Ambitions 2025, REALITES has set itself the goal of generating turnover of more than €800m with an operating income rate of 8 %.


REALITES has been listed on the Euronext Growth market since 2014 (Isin code FR0011858190, ticker: ALREA).

Company ownership and shareholding

REALITES (FR0011858190 – ALREA) has been listed on the Euronext Growth market since 2014.


oRigine, the Group’s holding company owned by the founding directors, holds 57.32% of the financial rights and 67.20% of the voting rights.


It is acting together with the French family holding company Financière du Nogentais (FDNGT), who became shareholders of REALITES in July 2022.


The Group’s managers, via the company Grand R, hold 8.90% of the capital and 6.30% of the voting rights. Excluding treasury shares (1.47%), the remaining capital corresponds to the float available on the market.

key figures for 2021

€286M turnover
€286M     turnover<br>(+40%)
€20.7M EBIT
€20.7M      EBIT<br>(+52%)
€2,454M Order book
€2,454M Order book<br>(+29%)
900+ employees
900+ employees
6 regional offices in France
6 regional offices in France
2 subsidiaries in Africa
2 subsidiaries in Africa


We anticipate revenues in excess of €400m for 2022, ahead of our “Ambitions 2025” plan, which forecasts revenues in excess of €800m with an operating income rate of 8%.